East Of Berlin (Chicago Premiere) &
The Russian Play (American Premiere)

Two One-Act Premiers by Hannah Moscovitch

October 15 - November 13, 2011

In East of Berlin, it has been seven years since Rudi left his family and its Nazi past behind him. Questioning redemption, love, guilt and the sins of the father, this play is a tour-de-force that follows Rudi’s emotional upheaval as he comes to terms with a frightening past that was never his own. Set amidst the doomed men and rotten ideals of Stalinist Russia, The Russian Play tells the story of a flower-shop girl who falls in love with a gravedigger - a bleak, bittersweet and darkly satiric ode to the dangerous joys of love.

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Motion (World Premiere)

by Ronan Marra

January 28 - March 3, 2012

How hard can it be for two organizations to split a nine-billion dollar pie? Impossible, apparently. Drew is a hotshot agent hellbent on making his blue-chip but troubled client the number one pick in the pro football draft, until the team that owns the pick hires his ex-wife to rebuild the long-suffering franchise. Obstacles surmount as Drew angles to get the best possible deal for his client, but does any of it matter when labor discord threatens the very existence of the game? From the writer of Signal’s hit jukebox musical “Aftermath," Ronan Marra.

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Hostage Song (Chicago Premiere)

by Clay McLeod Chapman and Kyle Jarrow

May 5 - June 9, 2012

Bound and blindfolded in a war-torn country, two hostages take refuge in music, memory and each other in the Chicago premier of this provocative indie-rock musical. The New Yorker called it "A high-decibel romantic comedy with a seriously unnerving edge" and Time Out New York called it "A devastatingly poignant, strangely philosophical meditation on salvation that just happens to sport a sick downbeat." Stories and book by Clay McLeod Chapman, music and lyrics by Kyle Jarrow, and directed by Ronan Marra.