Directions & Parking


Well folks, construction is done for the moment and that means that Ravenswood Ave is OPEN and Berenice Ave has returned to a 1 way street going west. For more detail take a look at the sidebar or the map below. We hope to see you soon.

Getting Here

Whether you drive, take the "El" or catch a bus, making it to our theatre at 1802 W. Berenice Ave. Chicago, IL 60613 is a breeze. BUT BE WARNED - There are TWO ravenswood Avenues - one that's West of the Metra tracks, and one that's East of the tracks. If you are driving we STRONGLY recommend that you take a close look at the map below.


Free and legal street parking (re: No meters and no zone stickers required) is abundant on Berenice Ave., Ravenswood Ave and Byron Ave. If it is a really busy night, you can find a metered spot along Lincoln Ave.


You can either use the interactive map below to get directions or search nearby places, or use the links to your right.

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