Carla Hamilton

Member Since: 2014

Carla Hamilton is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the Signal Family! She has had the pleasure of designing costumes for a dusty Texas town in Princes of Waco and a dusty prairie community in Plainsong. Carla is excited to be back this winter to design some dusty Midwestern costumes for Red Bud!

A graduate of Knox College and a native of the ‘burbs, Carla has spent the better part of the last four years dotting the Chicago theatre scene with her costumes. Some of her other favorite designs and experiences include The Penelopiad with Lost Geneva Project, Eiffel Tower Wedding Party and The Gas Heart with the Nine, Folkbound with Duplicity Ensemble, Black and Blue with Factory Theatre and Iphigenia with Chicago Waldorf School. 

When not at the theatre, Carla likes baking, watching Bulls games and hanging out with her fella and the dog. She has also been known to volunteer for any crafting and/or party planning committee opportunities she can get her hands on!


Costume Designer

  • Princes of Waco
  • Plainsong
  • Red Bud


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