Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

Q:When is your Box Office open?

A: The Signal Ensemble Theatre Box Office is open ONE HOUR prior to any performance. For example, it opens at 7:00pm on evenings with 8:00pm performances

Q:What is the Wait List and how does it work?

A: If a performance is Sold Out, we do accept patrons on a Wait List. In order to get on the Wait List you must come to the theatre on the day you would like to see the performance. Unfortunately, we do not accept any advance wait list reservations. The box office will open one hour before any performance, and patrons will be placed on the wait list on a First Come, First Served basis. Then at show time, if any tickets have not been claimed, we will release those seats to people on the Wait List.

Q: Um, I can't seem to find you, why are there two Ravenswood Avenues?

A: We love Chicago. We just have a few problems with the city planners. Our big problem is that there are two streets named "N. Ravenswood Ave." - one which is east of the Metra tracks, and one that is west of the Metra tracks. Our street (Berenice Ave.) is only accessible from the "N. Ravenswood Ave." that is west of the Metra tracks.

Click here to see our comprehensive "Map & Directions" page which will help you in planning your visit. If you are unfamiliar with the area, we strongly recommend you print directions to Signal Ensemble theatre